Supplier Innovation Challenge 2022

2022 the Supplier Innovation Challenge was hold for the 5th time ever. This years Challenge was launched completely online again. We have asked new potential partners, such as suppliers or universities, to submit their ideas in four different categories, where we as Automotive Tier 1 powertrain system supplier face challenges. Over 40 suppliers got back to us and submitted excellent ideas. After a first evaluation in a re-call phase, we invited almost half of them to present their ideas in front of an audience of Magna experts and started the first discussions. After that re-call phase, nine ideas made it to the final event – the Virtual Supplier Innovation Day 2022, which took place on November 17th.  

Wolfgang Winter (Acting Vice President of Purchasing) opened the SID2022 officially and welcomed all participants. Then the finalists, all ten companies involved in the top 9 submissions of the Supplier Innovation Challenge (see figure 1) got their chance to present their prospective ideas and concepts in the field of E-Motor & Inverter, Transmission Solutions, Cost Down and Data & Cloud Services within 30 min each to our viewers online. More than 90 participants from various Magna Powertrain locations and departments around the world listened to informative talks, had their questions answered and held encouraged discussions with the experts of the suppliers.

In the afternoon, Tom Rucker (President MPT) gave his acknowledgement before Walter Sackl (Sr. Director of Global Product Management) spoke about Future Mobility.

Finally, the highlight of the virtual event – the announcements of the winners of the Supplier Innovation Awards 2022 – took place. Our Magna Powertrain Building Block Leads for the respective categories revealed the winners. Warmest congratulations to all participants!

Figure 1: 10 Finalists of the Supplier Innovation Challenge 2022​​​​​​​

1st Place - E-Motor & Inverter

AionaCast – Roll Bond Core (RoBoC)

Figure 2: AionaCast- 1st place in the category 'E-Motor & Inverter'

1st Place - Cost Down

TotalEnergies – Folia Metalworking Fluid

Figure 3: TotalEnergies - 1st place in the category 'Cost Down'

1st Place - Transmission Solution

Oerlikon – Smart Coatings

Figure 4: Oerlikon ​​​​​​​- 1st place in the category 'Transmission Solution'

1st Place - Data & Cloud Services

FAU FAPS – DFM Tool for THT-selective wave soldering

Figure 5: 1st Place Data & Cloud Services
Reinhard Seidel

Figure 5: 1st Place Data & Cloud Services
FAU FAPS – SmartSelective DfM Tool for THT Wave Soldering