TotalEnergies Lubricants

Folia - The revolution of metalworking

The Folia range is a revolution in the field of metalworking. This innovative water-based fluid without oils and emulsifiers allow a high lubricity and an excellent cooling power offering the user a unique solution for multiple metalworking operations. Through advanced technologies, we are bringing to the market a metalworking fluid that replaces mineral oil emulsions with the best performance for operators and their environment. Folia solution is fully aligned with TotalEnergies’ ambition to supply affordable, reliable, clean energy that meets the highest safety and environmental standards. This new fluid technology is based on three major customer benefits: Health: Folia is HSE pictogram free. Safety: Folia is free of oil bringing a machine tool environment clean with limited risk of falling. Performance: Folia brings Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings on metalworking operations through longer tool life, durability of the fluid bath and productivity costs. On top of those benefits Folia brings also CO2 savings of metalworking operations demonstrating TotalEnergies ability to deliver its ambition.​​​​​​​


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