EMI shielding through advanced conductive plastics

DSM - Makes the next level of metal replacement possible


Material engineering faces evolving market dynamics. Connectivity, mobility and advanced technologies inspire people to live safer, healthier and more convenient lifestyles. Partnering with a materials expert will help to realize first-time-right designs. DSM offers application expertise, design support, materials innovation and a broad materials portfolio with global support and a strong focus on sustainability. As a global top-3 supplier in polyamides, high temperature PAs and elastomers, DSM is a partner of leading multinationals. The future of the automotive industry is rapidly changing. The era of internal combustion engines as a single power source is ending, indicating a transformation that makes vehicles cleaner. Electrical drivetrains are crucial to combat global warming, but there is a challenge to overcome—high voltage electrical powertrains generate electromagnetic interference (EMI), which impacts the critical electronics needed to realize connected and autonomous vehicles. DSM as a leader of innovation in high-performance materials is your strong partner to tackle the challenges related to e-mobility such as EMI. Currently, the most used options for EMI shielding are metal covers, metalized plastic covers, standard plastic with metal sheet/foil, conductive plastic covers and carbon fiber composite structures. Although prominent, they have drawbacks that can lead to reliability risks, higher weight or assembly costs. For instance if the shield is not reliable, EMI can cause system-malfunction, and even failure. Consequence of system interference can be dangerous—there have been reports of airbags deploying, triggered by emergency service vehicle RF transmissions and engine management. To ensure reliability during vehicle operation, the proper shielding of emitters is necessary. It has been found that 40-50dB shielding is sufficient for almost all EMI shielding applications, and that performance differentiation is achieved via sophisticated interface science polymer/fillers. DSM used its longterm experience in conductive polymers to develop special materials to meet these shielding requirements as well as thermal conductivity and good mechanics to open new ways for metal replacement. At DSM, we support our customers and help them win in powertrain electrification by offering an advanced material solution, along with design support for metal replacement.

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