Facilitating Electrification with Celanese Portfolio


The future of the automotive industry is driven by developments in autonomous and connected vehicles, and electric vehicles are dramatically changing automotive engineering and associated charging technology. The merger of the E&E industry with the Automotive industry involves a wide range of new requirements for engineering thermoplastics. Celanese offers OEMs and suppliers a broad portfolio of engineered materials to successfully navigate the powertrain transition with unique material solutions meeting a wide range of needs. Our materials provide flame retardancy, electrical and thermal properties and sustainability and recycled materials. Our extensive experience in the automotive industry enables us to translate our knowledge from E&E to develop innovative solutions for future mobility. Market analysts expect the share of pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles to increase heavily. This development is triggered by two trends: tightening regulations and rising customer demand. To meet both, OEMs are significantly ramping up their battery electric vehicle ranges. Leading OEMs and tiers are developing components in electric powertrain with new requirements to enhance safety, reduce costs and extend range and lifetime. Celanese supports these demands by offering a broad portfolio to address these challenges. Customers can benefit from translating our knowledge from the E&E industry to develop new solutions for future mobility. Our battery separator materials and flame-retardant grades for battery components enhance safety, and our thermally conductive grades for sensors and thermal management parts extend range and lifetime.​​​​​​​

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