AXALTA Energy Solutions



Axalta’s Energy Solutions has been an international leader in the manufacture of high-quality and high-performance insulation coatings. Energy Solutions has a proven track record with all major manufacturers of electrical equipment across all segments, including energy generation, transformation and distribution, industrial motors, household appliances and power tools, automotive components, and electrical motors for the power-train of Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles. With three distinctive product segments - wire enamels, impregnating resins and electrical steel coatings – Energy Solutions is the only supplier who can offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and ecologically-responsible insulating liquid coatings for the protection of conductors, electric steel, transformers, generators and electric motors. Our multiple-award winning product Voltatex 4224 enables both higher motor efficiency and reduced size and weight of electric devices. This significantly increases performance by conducting thermal energy as quickly as possible, while keeping the motor temperature low, which is important for use in high-performance electric motors such as those in electric vehicles, trains and windmills. High-performing electrical devices are designed for maximum output, resulting in operating temperatures that may exceed 200° Celsius. Using Axalta's Voltatex 4224 product, thermal stress can be reduced by up to 30° Celsius by conducting the thermal energy quickly from inside to outside of the electrical device. The product also reduces the weight of electrical motors by more than 15%. Running motors at lower temperatures can increase motor lifetime and downsizing motors allows for reduction of materials, both leading to a sustainability benefit.

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