• Cost Down
  • Hybridization of Transmission: HDT & DHT
  • E-Motor & Inverter
  • Mass Reduction

Idea scope

  • First rough idea
  • Creative concept
  • Disruptive approach
  • Out-of-the-box thinking

for products, processes, technologies, materials, applications, etc.


  • Current suppliers
  • Known companies from our existing global strategic supply base
  • Potential future and prospective suppliers


  • Possible future long-term cooperation with Magna
  • Possible resource sharing (labs, test benches, trial fields, software, engineering, etc.)
  • Presence on Supplier Innovation Day
  • Supplier Innovation Award 2020

Supplier Innovation Day 2020

  • Tba, November 2020
  • Exposition and networking
  • Award ceremony

Non-Disclosure & IP-Rights

  • Non-Disclosure to third party!
  • Magna Powertrain remarks that the responsibility to protect own Intellectual Property of ideas presented to Magna during the competition or presentation is with the Supplier
  • Supplier shall not claim ownership of Magna IP developed by Magna in parallel and independent from supplier input